Daisy Chain Voodoo Doughnuts Too

Daisy Chain: Voodoo Donought Too from sandy sampson on Vimeo.

Sandy used Google Earth to launch a daisy chain adventure filled with strangers who live, work and visit the neighborhood where  Voodoo Doughnut Too lives.  The project was ongoing for the duration of PICA’s T:BA:08 Festival. There was a celebration and video screening introducing the strangers sandy met. To see the video, click HERE

“Voodoo Doughnut Too” is the second in an ongoing series of DAISY CHAIN Projects underwritten by Parallel University.

For a DAISY CHAIN project, a point is found on a map and placed in the center of a circle that defines the distance the artist can walk from the center in approximately 7 minutes. (In this case the center is Voodoo Doughnut Too at NE 15th and Davis Street.)

Sandy takes off on foot not stopping until she meets a stranger within her walk time, as described by the circle, she learns a little bit about this person she has just met and her/his relationship to the neighborhood, and then asks him/her to refer her to another person who can be found within the circle on the map, this cycle continues until it doesn’t.

Picture 2There was a large map marked with the locations of the strangers Sandy met posted at Voodoo Doughnut Too  (the epicenter) and visitors were invited to mark the map and record their own connections to the neighborhood as well.

Using a virtual tool to illustrate physical real time connections Daisy Chain: Voodoo Too makes a circle when the project’s artifacts of real time physical interactions are ultimately archived on the web.  The Beautiful thing about a circle is that it keeps going round and round!  If you would like to participate in this project or see it continue please indicate you interest/curriosity/ideas in writing to:parallelu.gmail.com

There is a zine of the all the connections and stories marked on the map available (just email the address above if you would like a copy!)

By the way VOODOO Donuts are out of this world!

Posted March 27th, 2013 in Daisy Chains, Wallace Classrooms.

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