Exploring Hoodlore

exploring hoodlore: 5 minutes of collaborative radio

“This week we are going to give you the WHAT, the WHY, The HOW, the WHERE. And the WHEN of performing a simple intervention in the public realm of your neighborhood…”

As Part of Neighborhood Projects for the PICA TBA Festival 2008 Laurel Kurtz and Sandy Sampson for Parallel University in Collaboration with Chris Andreae, and KBOO Community Radio broadcast a time based art piece on the radio.

In five minutes spread over five days directions for a neighborhood intervention were given so that all within earshot could collaborate and generate a time based art project right in their own neighborhoods.

This class is still open, listen to the instructions an participate!

hl day 1 mp3 hl day 2 mp3 hl day 3 mp3 hl day 4 mp3 hl day 5 mp3 hl promo mp3

Posted March 27th, 2013 in Wallace Classrooms.

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