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Parallel University is happy to assist in designing a personal curriculum for you. Simply apply to the University and tell us about what it is you wish to learn/teach and we will design a suggested course for you. Below you will find an example of a personal curriculum, there is no typical example as each of us are unique.


September 23, 2008

Dear John —-,

Parallel University is very pleased to welcome you! Your application exhibits an astonishing level of compatibility with the mission of this institution. You have been accepted with no reservations, and no probationary period.

Now down to business:  It is the role of the University to address its student’s needs, and we want to make sure that we have understood what your needs are. It is our understanding that:

  1. You are looking for institutional encouragement for your half baked ideas, false starts and careless interpretations of art as the main focus of your program
  2. You prefer to participate rather than facilitate.
  3. You would like us to provide some rules for you.

Please reply to this message, either by snail, or e mail letting us know if we have understood the parameters of the program you wish to pursue correctly.

Thank you,

Parallel U

PS you seem very nice too!


From: Parallel University []

Sent: Sat 11/1/2008 2:56 PM

Subject: Your First Assignment!


Dear Mr. —-, may I call you John going forward?

It appears from your application, and your acceptance to Parallel University that you want to pursue a path to incremental validation of your half-baked ideas with out sacrificing their half-bakededness!

Here are two options we suggest for your first assignment:

(Please pursue one, or both, please keep in mind at all times that our suggestions are likely to promote the goals of this institution as it exists now and therefore may be inadequate to your needs, we welcome dialogue on this/or any topic)

  1.  Start a project in a public space that needs to be completed by others.
  2.  Attempt to construct something ill conceived and meaningless in a public setting in an obviously inept way.  See who offers to help and let them.

We are happy to discuss these “prompts” with you. To receive official validation by the University we request that you send us some form of documentation of your learning experience, including a description of what you did why, and what you learned and/or taught in the process.

I must say however that both of these suggestions if pursued could give you reassurance of the value of your half-baked ideas with out further connection to the University.  OK maybe reassure the value of the University’s half baked ideas, but what are  “assignments if not half baked ideas given out in the hope of some new  “solution” being presented.  These assignments also address your stated preference to participate rather than facilitate.

I hope that even as a new member to Parallel University you will feel excited by the prospect of sharing your outcomes and experiences with your fellow teachers and learners.

Thank you and Love,

Parallel University

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