Kentucky School of Art Teaching Residency

Here is an email forwarded to Parallel University from the Kentucky School of Art at Spalding University: We are looking for an artist-in-residence to work with a group of students (15-20) on an urban community art project for six weeks in the spring of 2013. ·  The dates for the course and project are: March 18 […]

Rockaway Call for Ideas

In an effort to foster the creative debate on urban recovery after Hurricane Sandy, MoMA PS1 and MoMA’s Department of Architecture and Design initiated a call for ideas to create a sustainable waterfront. Artists, architects, designers, and others were welcome to present ideas for alternative housing models, creation of social spaces, urban interventions, new uses […]

Another Parallel University

About a month or so ago we learned that there is another Parallel University based in L.A. !  A Double Parallel if you will, you can find a link to their site on our Friends page.  here is a link to their current news letter.  They are visiting Portland this weekend and we are looking forward […]

Proximity: All Power to the Free Universities

“The Copenhagen Free University was an attempt to reinvigorate the emancipatory aspect of research and learning, in the midst of an ongoing economization of all knowledge production in society. Seeing how education and research were being subsumed into an industry structured by a corporate way of thinking, we intended to bring the idea of the university back […]

Daisy Chain PSU

For a DAISY CHAIN project, a point is found on a map and placed in the center of a circle that defines the distance the I can walk from the center in approximately 7 minutes from the MK Gallery. I take off on foot until I meet my first stranger within this circle.  I learn […]

Make a Will

When my best friend died her sister asked me to come and take her collection of beautiful art books.  Instead I took all her “guilty pleasure” reading material and spent the next weeks reading every word, as I did it was like spending light time together as I said goodbye. Class Summary: Make a reading […]

Student Correspondence

Parallel University is happy to assist in designing a personal curriculum for you. Simply apply to the University and tell us about what it is you wish to learn/teach and we will design a suggested course for you. Below you will find an example of a personal curriculum, there is no typical example as each of […]

Bus Stories

Bus stories are strategies I’ve learned for starting conversations on the bus from other people.  This is an every growing class resource, pleasecontribute your story, or try these out for your self! Today when I got onto the bus my favorite seat was available, the one just up to the top of the steps right behind […]

Exploring Hoodlore

exploring hoodlore: 5 minutes of collaborative radio “This week we are going to give you the WHAT, the WHY, The HOW, the WHERE. And the WHEN of performing a simple intervention in the public realm of your neighborhood…” As Part of Neighborhood Projects for the PICA TBA Festival 2008 Laurel Kurtz and Sandy Sampson for Parallel University in Collaboration […]

Daisy Chain Voodoo Doughnuts Too

Daisy Chain: Voodoo Donought Too from sandy sampson on Vimeo. Sandy used Google Earth to launch a daisy chain adventure filled with strangers who live, work and visit the neighborhood where  Voodoo Doughnut Too lives.  The project was ongoing for the duration of PICA’s T:BA:08 Festival. There was a celebration and video screening introducing the […]