Daisy Chain PSU

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For a DAISY CHAIN project, a point is found on a map and placed in the center of a circle that defines the distance the I can walk from the center in approximately 7 minutes from the MK Gallery.

I take off on foot until I meet my first stranger within this circle.  I learn a little bit about them and her/his relationship to the neighborhood, and then ask him/her to refer me to another person who can be found within the circle on the map, this cycle continues until it doesn’t.

In the gallery a large Wall map shows the area around the MK, and the path of my adventure.

Please join me at 3 for a short daisy chain style tour of the neighborhood.

A Video of the people I met will screen at 5.

Refreshments provided!



Posted March 27th, 2013 in Daisy Chains, Wallace Classrooms.

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