Wallace Classrooms

As casual pedagogy happens any where and any time our classes have no walls.  The name Wallace Classroom came up in a video we made in response to a call for suggested enhancements to a new boardwalk in Rockaway NY after Hurricane Sandy destroyed the old board walk.

Here are some of the classes and projects we have done along with brief summaries of the classes so that you can adapt them for your self.  We welcome contributions to this section from you, in the form of descriptions/documentation/links to projects you have done, proposed ideas for new class projects, or documentation and or descriptions of your interpretation of a class project you found here.


Here are some courses/projects to get you started:


Bus Stories

Daisy Chain PSU

Daisy Chain Voodoo Doughnuts Too

Exploring Hoodlore

Group Edit

Make a Will

Recycle Regift Reuse