Who are we?

Parallel University exists to promote the recognition and practice of everyday learning through shared experience. We as an institution are completely reliant on our participants for our development. We offer classes to promote engagement with the world and recognition of the individual’s role in creating reality. We want to validate your contribution.

How does this work?

Good question! There are many ways to be involved. Anyone can join a class by signing up. You can share information about learning and teaching in public that you have witnessed, have done, or would like to do. You are also welcome to remake any class you see on this site, change it to suit, or use it as a starting point for making a new class. Parallel University is open source.

Can anybody offer a class? 

Absolutely! If you are curious about something, have a “what if“ scenario you would like to explore or have knowledge you would like to share, YOU are qualified!  We welcome your contributions. Simply register to offer a class with us and we’ll help you get started.

Is this just for artists?

Certainly not! It might seem like it at first glance, as there have been a lot of artists involved to date. The University reflects its participants, so we invite you to change our look with your participation.

Will I get a degree?

While Parallel University believes that you are valid without a degree, we also understand how this kind of acknowledgment can be an important bridge to self-empowerment. We have given both Master and BA diplomas to date. You can get a degree if you want one. Parallel University is fully accredited by its members.

What are the degree requirements?

This is up to you. You design the program you want and tell us how we can help. When you achieve your goals you will be granted the degree you were working towards.

What if I can’t find the class I want?

Not to worry! You can start your own, or we can work with you to design a personal curriculum that fits your needs.

How much does it cost?


How is this different from other free schools?

Parallel University is founded on the belief that we all bring something to teach and something to learn with us, everywhere and everyday.

Parallel University is dedicated to the learning and the teaching that happens everyday out in the world.

Parallel University is hyper-aware that its value as an institution is derived solely from its participants.

Does Parallel University have a physical location?

We have a virtual presence on the web and we have an administrative office in Portland, Oregon:2238 SE Oak, Portland, OR 97214 Actual classes occur in changing locations out in the world.

If you have a question not answered here please contact us, and we will answer.